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Symetra Tour is HERE in Sarasota!

IMG_20140426_081319_831Today’s broadcast was LIVE at the one and only SaraBay Country Club in Sarasota.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day and can’t say enough good things about Ryan, Bret and the Symetra Tour Staff for putting on a fabulous event!

The volunteers and members at Sarabay are really pitching in and Sunday promises to be an exciting day of great golf!  On today’s show we had Bret Lasky, Director of Media Relation for the Symetra Tour, Sarabay’s Membership Director, Dennis Budny, LPGA and Symetra Tour player, Rachel Rohanna and Dr, Melissa Harmon from Sarasota Family Chiropractic.

ST12 Guardian Retirement Championship at Sara Bay logo 4cTickets are available for Sunday’s Final round and can be purchased at http://www.symetratour.com

Find out more about Sarabay Country Club at http://www.sarabaycc.org

Schedule your Spring Special with Dr. Harmon by visiting http://www.sarasotafamilychiropractic.org







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